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36/365 Sunday

Today I discovered I can lie on the porch swing. This shot was very hard to get, as I had to use a self timer and only had 10 seconds to get back in position and not be swinging wildly.

Project365 photoset


27/365 beta carotene

This is from a package of multi-colored carrots I got at Trader Joe's. I put them all in a crock pot with potatoes, onions, and a pot roast. We did a taste test and they all pretty much tasted the same. Still, it's important to eat all your colors!

Yesterday was yummy too.


24/365 The Kink

The Kink loves to sit on the back of the couch, usually on the right side. This was my view when I woke up from a nap this afternoon. Usually she'd be sleeping on me, but I was lying on my side.

Project365 Photoset


22/365 what lies beneath

Some Halloween decorations are kept out all year.


21/365 rock out with your sleeves on

Today was The Captain's (captainmajority) birthday party. For his birthday Chrystal got him the drumset for his Wii. I got him the microphone, and tattoo sleeves. All evening, after a lovely chicken marsala à la Chrystal (tikifreak), we played Guitar Hero World Tour. Chrystal sits on a ball and has a big belly because she is PREGNANT!!! Due 7/28. How excited am I? More than I can even express.

Sorry for any post-dating confusion, I want these to show up in my calendar on the right dates.

19/365 safe haven

Lulu the barn cat is very afraid of the sound of rain on the patio roof. So afraid that she hides in the litterbox. I don't get it. Anyway, my youngest ferret, Mom, took the rare opportunity to check out an noncombative cat. The ferret behind the litterbox is The Dude.

18/365 ferret lax

I cut all the ferrets' nails today, so they got a treat. They don't like any human food, or really any ferret treats. The thing they love is Ferret Lax. It's a win-win because they think they're getting a treat, and I am unclogging hairballs from their guts. Clockwise from crook of elbow: Mom, The Dude, Maude. Kitty in the background is Lulu, one of the barn cats.

I'm wearing a hospital bracelet because I had a colonoscopy today. I have a family history of colon cancer (my mother was diagnosed at 28) and a personal history of precancerous polyps. I had one removed today. For me, getting a colonoscopy every 2 years pretty much ensures that any polyps are removed while they are still in the precancerous stage. It's obviously not the most fun thing in the world, and most of my peers won't have to experience it for 30 more years, but I am grateful for this possibly life-saving procedure.


17/365 fat man in a little coat

Wilbur loves to lie in this kitty bed, and has now busted all the seams.

(in between dates can be seen in my Project 365 photoset)

3/365 Green Apple Italian Ice

Today, James and I traded in our Toyota Prius, which was starting to have some problems, for a Volkswagen Jetta TDI (diesel). This evening, after dinner, we took it out to get some dessert.

Thank you for all your nice comments on our kitchen!!!!


2/365 What's for dinner?

James picked out this color scheme for the kitchen. I love it! I think Wilbur looks dejected because he's allergic to chicken and doesn't get any scraps. Or, he was sick of posing. I cut that chicken up and made braised chicken with scallions and oj. So good!

James called me Hippi Longstocking in this outfit. It's not actually an outfit... I was wearing the dress and only added the yellow tights and some knee socks while I was cooking because it was so cold!

And, for an LJ-only treat, the recipe! I got the recipe from this month's Everyday Food, but tweaked it a little bit.

1-2 TB olive oil
1 whole chicken, cut up into 8 pieces (2 legs, 2 thighs, 4 breast quarters--wings and back go in a bag in the freezer for making chicken stock)
1 bunch scallions, cut once across the middle
2/3 cup oj

1) Preheat the oven to 450. In a Dutch oven or cast iron skillet, heat the olive oil. Salt the chicken, then place it in your skillet skin side down and brown, about 5 minutes.
2) Flip the chicken over, add the scallions and oj. Transfer pan to oven (uncovered) for 15-20 minutes.
3) Voila!

I serve this with baked sweet potatoes, which coincidently also cook at 450. I usually bake potatoes for about 45-50 min, so I get that started before I even begin cutting up my chicken.