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i really love the skillful way you beat the other girls with whips and chains

Today was my first day of my last-ever fall semester. It went very well, probably because I was in a great mood, despite having a broken face.

Let's start at the begining, which was Thursday. On Thursday, I was in a crappy mood. Crampy, upset about a friendship going awry, tired, etc. etc. I got to the barn around 5 pm, which is just before feeding time, so Fiyero was in a shit mood. I thought to myself, 'just groom him and go home.' I'd already driven there, however, so I didn't listen to that voice and I stuck to my plan. My plan was riding without stirrups, because my leg has been weak lately. Well, Fiyero was already pissed, and he hated that, and so things started out badly enough. Unfortunately they never improved, so I decided to just finish what I was doing, cool him down, and go home. And then my horse ran my knee into a steel support beam. Most things that happen to me while on horseback are my fault, but in this case my horse was just being pissy, and decided to take off. Whatever. It didn't hurt that badly at that time, so I reeled him back in, made him do what he was supposed to do, and walked him for a while. I gave him a quick bath and then he got to eat and was happy. Me, I was just more upset than when I'd gotten there. My tights acted as a compress until about an hour after my injury when I took them off, and my knee swelled up like someone injected a plum into it. There was also a straight line cut, basically it looked like I just had surgery on my kneecap. Well, fuck. I iced it and epsom salted it and took lots of advil and iced it some more and went to bed.

On Friday, Chrystal came with me to the barn. I was supposed to have a lesson, but Jeanne was sick. I rode anyway, doing some medium jumps, which I managed to do without BREAKING MY FACE. Please note the lack of face-breaking. Friday afternoon James and I had a SCUBA lesson. It was pretty hard to do both of those things with a huge throbbing knee. Friday evening, Cavanaghs and Talevs went to NODA and drank a lot of wine. Then we went to Cookout, and they claimed to not have water.

On Saturday, I had a riding lesson and James came to watch. It was definitely the best I'd ridden in a month, so I felt a lot better about Thursday. And I got to do a new kind of jump-- a bounce or no-stride (can't find one good picture of it)--which was very cool. After riding, James and I rushed home, showered, and were picked up by Cavanaghs. We met LeslEy at Chilis for margaritas (and dinner for Talevs). After that we went bowling at a crazy bowling alley where someone got punched just before we walked in, and was bleeding all over himself.

On Sunday, I had another riding lesson. I warmed up, everything was good, and Jeanne wanted to spend the rest of the time jumping. Good, fun, great. So I went to do my first jump, one that I had done on Friday (when I didn't break my face), and I fucking wiped out. I have no idea how I did it, nor does Jeanne. Both stirrups came off the saddle, which she'd never seen happen before. I landed on my face, which really would have been fine, except that I was wearing sunglasses and they cut/bruised me.

So, my first jump of the day, flawlessly executed just two days prior, ended with me bleeding from the face. We put the saddle back together and I did great. Figures. I went home and violently walked into the corner of my bed while changing.

I showered and tried to take a nap, but it took an hour for the painkillers to kick in and cover the pain in my ass sustained while falling.

Let's recap: Huge bruise on left knee from steel support beam, huge bruise on right thigh from iron bedframe, cuts and bruises on bridge of nose/eye area (and shoulders as well) from fall. Also I have a big bruise on my inner right thigh from the saddle (I have sensitive skin! This bruise can be partially seen in the last picture on this page). James is often afraid that he is going to get arrested for beating me, because I tend to walk around looking like this (minus the facial injuries) all the time. I always thought he was being crazy, but I got some Looks at school today.

This morning we had SCUBA again, and then we ate lunch in my car, and I went to school. I knew everyone in my first class (France Today-contemporary civilization, taught in French), and no one in my second (Elementary Spanish I). That's just how I wanted it! France Today is going to be exactly how I thought it would (I've had the prof. before). Spanish is going to be easy and fun. Tomorrow might be another story.

Right now I'm hanging out in the ferret room. I was going to be doing homework but then I started doing this instead. I'm going to go make dinner ('summer crab rolls') and then come back and get to work.

me and my Wil-bear

Maude wants to go to school

Anyway, yesterday and today I have been in great moods, so hopefully this trend continues!
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