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you're not a baby if you cry

I can't stand when teachers make me print my own textbook. Make it available as a coursepack! Don't make us print it out, let us read it on the computer! Sommmmmething.

This thing I'm printing out now would be ok if it was only one file. It's 27 folders of 1-4 files. A hundred different files to print! It's about 175 pages, which isn't too bad, $10.50. Just a pain in my butt.

Lukcily I'm in the Language Reource Center, where all the computers have headphones. I've got on, on the Stereo Total station. The first song was by The Blow, whom I forgot all about, so that was nice. Now is Stereolab, pretty rad too. There's a Spanish class going on in here, but by the time I've finished opening, printing, and creating a printing password for all these files, the class will be over. I can't go swipe my card and make everything print until they leave anyway, because they're using the projector screen, and the printing station is behind that.

Ahhhh it's refusing to print like 15 of the files. HATE.
Tags: annoying, music, school

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