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this cannot stand

Sometimes in French class we read an excerpt of medival literature in the original language. Here is a line from today:

Cum ele avient, vus cunterai.

Ah! Cum is funny enough on its own, but cunterai means that cunter was a verb. With the vus before and the ai on the end, it means 'I am going to [cunt] you.' (the first part means 'like we had,' which makes sense if you have the first line with it) As far as I can tell, cunter became raconter in modern French, which means basically to tell a story. Cunter!!

So let me cunt this weekend for you.

On Thursday at 3, when school ended, I called Dan to ask if he wanted to play video games. He was already doing that, so I went over to a Shook apartment and played. Dan only likes that kind of games I am particularly awful at, but I got to be Wolverine, so that was fun. Joanna came home and gave me an umbrella! Then they came to my house (Chrystal, I called but you didn't answer) to eat dinner. Joanna brought a pizza because she doesn't like fish and I made farfalle with smoked salmon. We watched Scary Ants and Killer Waves on the Discovery Channel.

Friday morning I had a riding lesson. It was awesome, we did a thing like this (3 jumps in a row with one stride between), which I'd never done. For horse folks, the first jump was a 1'6 crossrail, the second a 2'3 vertical, and the third a 2'3 oxer. After my lesson I went home and showered and then headed to the doctor for a consult for a colonoscopy (which I have to get because my mother died of colon cancer at a young age, I'm 3 years from her diagnosis). The doctor was realllly nice. He said that if my stomach is still bothering me, he can look in there with the camera too, while I'm knocked out. This place does more sedation than the last one I had, but still without needing oxygen. The prep is better too, it's 12 hours, not 24, and I don't have to drink salty ginger ale, I can take pills. I am having it on a Thursday, so I have to miss school, but it's fine. What sucks is I can't eat anything on Wednesday, but I have to go to school! I am going to be so cranky. After I left the doctor, I went home to take a nap, and then James came home. He went for a jog and then I finally woke up, and we went to Ellie and Shane's house for their wedding reception. Ellie made cupcakes, and there was cake, and we ordered pizza, and we all sat around watching Youtube videos on their Wii. I drank vodka and an immunity smoothie thing, haha. Janice and Lori were there, so that was nice. And I got to meet a barista, Chris, who always makes me laugh when I'm at Ellie's Starbucks. There was another barista there who I had classes with last spring. As the party wound down, James and I went to try to meet Cavanaghs and Shooks at the Saucer, but they'd already left. James and I had one beer and booked it home, it was way too loud in there.

On Saturday, James came with me to the barn, and I showed him my new skillz. We stopped at the Teet and bought a bunch of beer, including a mini keg of Heinie light, and then showered and headed to the Cavanagh house for a Labor Day BBQ. What a fun time! We all ate too much and couldn't really drink. Chrystal made really yummy burgers, and there were hot dogs. Joanna made spinach dip, cake, and pigs in blankets, which came out at the end. Linda came after work, and there were teachers and a coworker of the Captain's.

Sunday might have been the nerdiest day ever? Charlotteans took a field trip to Trader Joe's in south Charlotte. One is opening up here in November, so we wanted to check out what it was like, Talevs in one car, Shooks and Cavs in another. It was crowded and small and didn't have some things I wanted. Hopefully the one they're building up here will make a better impression. I cooked porkchops for lunch, and stir-fry for dinner. After dinner, James had to go back to work, so he dropped me off at the Cavanagh house, where we all drank wine. Shooks and Cavs wanted to try their 2-buck Chuck, and I brought my favorite Semillon (Peter Lehman). We drank wine and played Taboo. Then we drank beer and played Phase 10. I made up a Cassiopea and then I found the real one. Shooks drove me home! What nices.

On Monday I woke up without a hangover, I have absolutely no idea how. I was supposed to have a lesson, but Jeanne forgot it would be Labor day and so she had to go to a picnic. LAME. I rode anyway, and then I took my disgusting self to Barnes and Noble. I bought more cookbooks with things that take 30 minutes or less to make (not by R.R. though). Quickness is my favorite quality in a recipe. My favorite quality in a video game is easiness. I have been playing a lot of Super Paper Mario on the Wii, it is easy enough without coddling. There was one level which had a huge section from Super Mario on NES, level 1-2 and also a fish level. Anyway, after B&N I bought things at Target. They have cute leggings right now. I bought 3 things at the grocery store, that I hadn't been able to get at Trader Joe's. I went home and didn't start reading for class until 2 am. AY YI YI.

Today I got up at 7h30 :( I left my first class 15 minutes early to sleep in my car. I knew I should have gotten coffee. After I woke up from my nap, I went on a date with Dan. I wore very seductive yellow leggings, we ate Dim Sum. Yet another Asian grocery store didn't sell seaweed salad. I peed in a Shook apartment and then came back to school. Right now I should be taking notes on some things I read for my next class. But, I read them, and I'm allowing that to be enough.
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