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I woke up really late today, since I was up until 5 last night, for no reason. Just procrastinating going to sleep. So I ate, finished an episode of Lost, and left my house. I picked Chrystal (tikifreak) up at her house and we went to the barn. She'd not yet met Fiyero, and I had a lesson. It was nice because it was overcast--it's been in the 90s lately, which sucks.

When I went in to play with the ferrets tonight, Wilbur and Jake came too. Wilbur played with Maude, and Jake with The Dude, for a good half-hour. Hilarious. I have some videos that I will maybe put on youtube.

The Dude, exactly how he is.

Watching Wilbur and Maude play.

There they are.

WIlbur has a chew toy.

One that chews back!

Eventually the ferrets had enough and climbed back in their cage.

Maude likes to rest her nose on the bars.

And while she falls asleep, her head slips and this happens.

All my heart.
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