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what's hot right now?

Things I'm Liking These Days:
- mineral water
- these sausages. If you're going to eat sausage, at least eat chicken sausage, which isn't that bad for you. this one is so delicious.
-speaking of sausages, hot dogs or veggie dogs. yum. with ketchup and onions.
-Crest ProHealth, still. Love it.
-that the world is finally on a passion fruit kick! everything comes in my favorite flavor/scent nowadays.
-still a lilac girl (4 lyfe) though
-having plans with my friends
-learning about rabbit farming
-spending my days thinking in 2 or 3 languages
-doing yoga in my underwear
-stretching on an exercise ball

What are you liking right now?
Tags: things i'm liking

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