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youtube meme from tikifreak

post your favorite youtube videos.

Charlie the unicorn.

Awesome showjumping course. Absolutely incredible to watch, even if you don't ride.

I'm not sure how to describe this.

Amazing dance video from China. Trippy. She has so many arms! Ah! Around 3:25 it gets so crazy. Infinite arms!

Before seeing this, it honestly never occured to me that someone who was acting this way (rocking, flapping, etc.) could be capable of an interior dialogue and intelligence like anyone else's. It was extremely eye opening. I have almost no real-life experience with people with disabilities of any kind. Here is Amanda's website.

Maybe the opposite of the previous video.

omg jellyfish! see also this.

Usually Margaret Cho doesn't do it for me, but this cracks me up. How does she make her face do that at the end??

Six feet tall, fucking killing for fun. LOVE!

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