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I'm at my dentist's office, and he's a religon pusher. I picked up a magazine called Citizen, which seeks to inform those 'who feel like today's mass news leaves [them] in the dark when it comes to pro-family issues.'

I'm reading an article called Someone's Gonna Get Hurt: How could Adam and Steve's marriage possibly harm anyone else? We're all about to find out. It's not as bad as I had thought it would be and does have some interesting points about the abuttal of church and state. Interesting in a philosophical and sociological way, not in a convincing-me-to-hate-gays way. However, I snorted embarassingly when I realized the following paragraph is supposed to be presenting a bleak future. I was thinking 'right on!'

"For if orientation is like race, then people who oppose gay marriage will be treated under law like bigots who opposed interracial marriage. Sure, we don't arrest people for being racists, but the law does intervene in powerful ways to punish and discourage racial discrimination, not only by government but also to private entities."
-Maggie Gallagher. Citizen Magazine 8/06

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