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Omg why?

I was sitting here, thinking about French phonetics, and how I have a lot of trouble communicating English lately. Then, my Spanish teacher walked up to me, started a conversation in Spanish and ended it in French. THAT WON'T HELP. Yesterday I left James a message in Spanish and English and he only understood the Spanish parts.

I view it as brain cardio. You have to break it down to build it up. Except breaking down your brain construction is a lot more intense than doing the same to muscle tissue. But I can do brain cardio in my car, mostly by listening to spanish talk radio while speaking aloud, to myself, in French. This also might be a good way to quickly become insane? We'll find out I guess.

In other news, we are going to look at some farm houses in Lincolnton on Sunday. Saturday we are celebrating my birthday, and you are invited! Around 11 whoever wants to and is eligible is donating blood. Then at 2 we will have a bbq at my house. Maybe at night we will visit a bar! Maybe not!
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