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Fuck you, it's my birthday.

elijah wood insanity on nick jr.

This has been a fantastic birthday weekend!

On Thursday I had school and James came home from work around 4 pm. We went to bed at 5 pm.

We woke up on Friday at around 8. Whoa. James made eggs and we went to SCUBA class. We have one more pool session, and then we have our certification dive. We're doing that in Gainesville the last weekend in October, so maybe we'll get to see some Florida friends. We grabbed some lunch and then I had a riding lesson. After I got home, cut James' hair, opened a gift from him (Planet Earth on dvd :D), we got in the car and headed to Carrboro (about 2 hours away) to see Of Montreal. They were so good, although we stood next to a jerk for a while. The area reminded me a lot of Gainesville, actually.

Saturday morning, Chrystal and I donated blood. The Captain came too. I got home and putzed around, and then James and I had to run to the grocery store because people would be at our house soon for my bday BBQ. Oops! We bought lots of foods and beers and got to our house just as the Cavanaghs did. I made a lot of foods: two kinds of tapanade with goat cheese, tomatillo guacamole, grilled steaks and chicken, roasted potatoes (Chrystal actually did all the work on that one), roasted garlic, and tiramisu. If you like tiramisu, it's really easy to make and I urge you to try it. Leslie came, and then so did Ellie and Shane and Lori. We ate, drank, and beed merry. Cavanaghs had to leave to go see Alton Brown, and then Leslie left too. The rest of us sat around talking for a while, and then we all left to go to NoDa, except Shane who went home. Lori and Elie went to get coffee, and James and I went to Dog Bar. Dog Bar is a bar where you can bring your dog, and all the dogs run around being happy. There was also a couple playing music. Ordinarily James wouldn't have agreed to go there, but it was still my birthday party! What could be better than drinking Red Oak and playing with lots of wiggly mammals? Well, I can't think of many things to top that, but you may not be me. We left there eventually and went to a wine bar (Cavs, not the weird one). I drank a bottle of wine, and blacked out like I have never blacked out before. I think it was the missing pint of blood. I didn't get sick at all, but there are things I don't remember at all (like eating a hot dog). This is the first time where even having events described in detail doesn't help. I played John Brown's Body (a song) into a drive-through window! hahah. Also I kept thinking there were people in the backseat of the car, but I don't know who they were (I do remember this part). Luckily, it was all fun stuff and I felt ok the next day.

Sunday James and I went to meet a realtor in Lincolnton and look at some houses. The first one was way too grand, and I'd have to knock down a bunch of trees to make my rabbit building. Basically it looked like a nice house that someone's parents live in, not for kids like us. The second was pretty cool and has some potential. There's already a foundation poured for a barn, but the land isn't ideal. It's built into a hill and something like 6 out of 10 acres is floodplain. The third was AWESOME inside. It was built in the 1920s and has some really nice features, as well as an apartment over the garage (another building) and an extant barn. Ideally I want to find a place with an apartment, and exchange rent for ongoing petsitting and barn work. James didn't like it as much as I did, and there may be some zoning issues, as it's in town instead of out in the country. We're going to look at some more houses in Lincolnton in a few weeks, and also contact some realtors in some other areas. After we finished with the realtor, we headed to the Cavanagh house for a bday dinner. Chrystal cooked shells, salad, sausages, and garlic bread. Shooks were in attendance as well, and bought me pretty fuschia daisies, which look sooo nice in with the sunflowers James got me. I will post a picture. After dinner there was a chocolate bundt (hahah if you've ever seen My Greek Fat Greek Wedding, that word will always remind you of it) with chocolate chips. James and I ate 3 slices of it between the two of us today! Shooks left shortly after dinner, and we stayed for a bit and then let early-risers go to bed.

This morning James came with me to the barn and gave me commands. We are working on transitions, so he would call out different gaits at random intervals for me. Also he got bagels. I had to skip my first class to study for my Spanish test, you can see I had no time this weekend! The test was fine, I drove home, ate lunch, and then headed BACK to the barn with James. Fiyero was just having the vet check something (his flexions) and he was fine. He has a thing with his patella, but the vet said to just trot him, A LOT, and it should fix itself. Cantering only in lessons :/ boo! Maud was there too and we talked for a while and drew fangs on some little kid's horse drawing. I am a jerk! A 25-year old jerk. Last night my husband had sex with a 24 year old and a 25 year old! oh la la. ANYWHO. I rode again, because the vet wanted to see something, and he said I looked good on Fiyero, and he looks happy to work for me :) What a nice. Home, shower, dinner, James off to work, and I caught up on LJ. I'm really really behind on replying to comments though, so I'm sorry to all of you.

Also, tonight is the 3 year anniversary of my engagment. :D I have a nice life. Well, except that my hair dried like the Cowardly Lion's tonight. We actually have the same hair texture and hair color, me and ol' scaredy, but sometimes it dries more like his awfuldo and not his lovely flowing locks.
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