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Hot hot hot

For the uninitiated, lisa (myprettysong) and I share a birth week, and thus a birthday party. Each year, I fly to nyc, and we have a birthday hat party. Those who attend are obliged to wear hats. This year, the filipek and I turned 25, a quarter century! And thus, we instituted a 24-hour party. One drink (or more) an hour from 6 am to 6 am, with an extra at the precise moment that foul filipek was plucked from the womb.

As a result of celebrating other birthdays last night (mine, cj's, nicki's), I didn't make it to my own party until 10 am. I met lisa, krys, and quentin for brunch at enid's. Some people ate hungry bears, and we al drank 2 breakfast drinks. Then we went to lisa's, where I chugged 4 champagne drinks to make up for 6-9 am. We filled up stealth liquors and headed to the movies. We saw Bring The Noise, which I loved, and during that I drank a lot of vodka and cherry coke. James arrived mid-movie, also drunk! After the movie, we stumbled to an irish bar, and ordered more drinks (I had a lemondrop shot, as I still had movie soda/vodka to drink). Now, we're at Beach bar. It's a beach built on Brooklyn, overlooking Manhattan. There's a lot more on the itinerary, so hopefully I will be sober enough to update again. Who knows?
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