July 25th, 2007

cavities no matter what i eat

my a/c is so crappy during the day.

The most convenient thing about having cats is that I can always find a ponytail holder. Jake keeps them in his food bowl for me.

While this evening is for welcoming the Shooks to Charlotte, today is mostly for cleaning. I should go ride Fiyero but I don't feel so great, and my house is a semi-wreck. It's really not TOO bad, but since we're having people here this weekend, and then the following week, it needs to be better. Plus, one of my summer goals was to have the whole house be clean at once, so now's as good a time as any. School starts again in less than a month! I'm taking 4 French classes and 1 Spanish. I dropped Anthro as a major, although I loved it, because I was going to be spending way too much time at school. Also, in the Spring I'd have to take Senior Seminar, which is 6 hours every Friday, and you're only allowed to miss once, even for a medical emergency with documentation. That sucks. I figured, what's the point in spending twice as long at school each week? No point, done and done.

I want coffee, but I have to put real clothes on for that, and acatkiller is away anyway.

What an exciting entry for you to read! Don't worry, I will have tons of pictures to post soon.