August 30th, 2007

pony kiss

oh the thrill of control

Let's see.

Last Friday I had a riding lesson. Then James and I had a SCUBA lesson. Well, really it wasn't a lesson. We bought a lot of gear (BCs, computers, etc.) and played with them for a while Thennn we drove downtown and met up with Shooks and Cavanaghs for Joanna's birthday play. We saw Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the Actor's Theater. I was worried, because Hedwig is one of my favorite movies, and I didn't imagine that a local play could compare. Boy was I wrong. It was like going to see your favorite band in concert, and instead of playing a mix of songs, they play your favorite album. Amazing, amazing, amazing. The man who played Hedwig was fantastic. Yay.

Saturday we flew to Chicago for V's housewarming party. We were there for less than 24 hours, which sucked because smartastic was there and we didn't get to meet up with her, nor did we have time to go see doraphilia and picodulce. The house was nice, but there were a ton of mosquitoes everywhere as a result of the recent storm, so we had to go on a store-finding adventure. Later I made friends with their cat, Spike, who is a hunter. I lifted him above my head to reach mosquitoes he couldn't get to himself, and he would squash them. We were a great extermination team.

Sunday we meant to fly home at 7 am, but of course we didn't wake up. We were staying at a realllly fancy Hyatt that James got for $70 on priceline, and it was way to nice to waste on 5 hours of sleep. We ate a leisurely brunch around 11 and got on a 2h30 flight. I read a book by the Marquis de Sade, which I didn't enjoy at all, and then we were in Charlotte! We got Wilbur, came home, and went to sleep around 8. My goodness!

Monday was school. That night we watched Lucky Number Slevin, which I really really enjoyed. James hated it. This is completely opposite of how one would assume we'd react, if you knew what kinds of movies we enjoyed.

Tuesday was also school. The all day kind of school, 9h30-7h45. My senile teacher was particularly senile that day. His French is very annoying too, he sounds like a French person making fun of an American speaking French. If you want to know what that sounds like, listen to the main male voice in this. Those are people acting out the title song of Pas Sur La Bouche. I'm not sure who they are, or why they're lipsynching it, but it's the direct version from the movie, and it's all I can think of whenever he speaks, that he is the American in Pas Sur La Bouche. I want to have a party at my house with my friends in the class, so they can see the movie and be tormented too. After school I went grocery shopping. I have an exciting life.

Yesterday I did nothing. What a day to be me!

Today is school from 9h30-3h15. Senile day, both of my teachers are over 70. I like my first teacher though, which is good since I have her class early. It's particularly annoying to go from her class (French Phonetics), where the whole point of the class is perfect pronounciation, to French Lit avec l'americain. Ay yi yi.

Tomorrow Ellie and Shane are getting married!!!!! Saturday is BBQ at the Cavanagh House. Monday is a day off!

So, we've been cooking a lot of dinners and lunches. Usually James and I eat out a lot. Way way too much. It's a total waste of money, not to mention terribly unhealthy. So we've been cooking dinner every night, except when we have SCUBA late or something. Obviously I won't be cooking dinner tomorrow or Saturday, but you get the point. The thing is, while I like cooking, I hate complicated cooking. For instance, although I would love to eat anything in Cooking Light magazine, I don't have the patience to make 90% of the recipes in it (Chrystal, remind me to give you that). Luckily, those little recipe magazines you find at the checkout have just what I'm looking for. Everyday Food is pretty good, but it has a lot of wasted space in it, and some of the recipes are too frou-frou spa-y for me (seared beef on raddicio). My favorite ever food magazine, delicious, doesn't come in a US version anymore, but I do use the recipes in the ones I already have very often. Unfortunately I haven't found a link for the 2 new things I found, but I will tell you about them. They're both from Prevention, whose main magazine often has articles with a pseudoscientific bent listed on the cover, but since I'm just looking for recipes, I don't care too much. One is a mini-mag, called Easy Meals, and it delivers just that. Stir-fries, things you just mix and stick in the oven, things you make in one pan (curried shrimp!), most things are easy and done in less than 30 minutes, with maybe 5 minutes prep. The other was a cross between a book and a magazine, called Best of Summer Recipes. I've made several things from this already, and they've been great as well. The summery title refers to the vegetables used and a section on grilling, but I'll definitely be using it all year. It has a section on slow cooking as well, which I plan to be doing most Tuesdays, since I get home so late. Most of the recipes serve 4-6, which means I get to bring leftovers to school everyday for lunch, instead of buying something.
riding dirty

speaking of food

Do you have foods which make you hungrier instead of filling you up?

For instance, James and I both feel this way about cereal. Also, apples and raw carrots do it to me. With cereal, I feel full for a while, and then have a raging hunger not too long after (same with James). With an apple or carrots, it seems like I get hungrier while eating them!
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