October 12th, 2007

straight backed

Sugar-free jazz

- This year when lisa gets her tattoo, I am getting my 'dreary, dreary.' tattoo.
- I am spending my last-ever spring break riding horses across Spain with my best friend.
- There is only one company, song of india, that makes my favorite fragrance, krishna musk (I am a dirty hippie). Before, I'd only been able to find it in solid perfume. Now I can buy bottles of the oil, and everything I own can smell perfect. I'm thinking of buying unscented deodorant and adding it to it.
- James is working a ton this month, but he's home almost every other night.
- Caitlin might come visit in November!
- And Krys too!
- It has come to my attention that this is not clear: if you are my friend, you are invited to come visit me and stay at my house. All you need do is say that you are thinking of planning a trip to Charlotte and we will work out mutually agreeable dates. If you happen to be coming to Charlotte, and we aren't close enough to cohabitate, tell me you're coming, and we can eat ethiopian food (or something else).