December 18th, 2008

rose colored life 2

flickr updates

I posted 4 photosets on my flickr since I last posted photos.

spain II
In the beginning of October, Kristy and I went on another horseback riding trip in Catalonia, Spain. This trip was not previously offered to Americans, and it was grueling! 6-8 hours of riding (and not just horse-sitting, active riding) a day, with an hour of hiking each day as well. It was totally fun, the food was fantastic, and I swam in sub-60 degree water. Wooooo. This time, all of the riders in our group were very capable and that really made a huge difference. Last time, it was slow going, and no "horse control!!" as our leader was constantly having to yell.

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If you liked those, there are almost 400 more in that photoset.

Also in that set is the day James, Rob, and I spent in London before my trip!

The other three sets will have to wait, I have to go get ready. Tonight is the French club holiday party at the Melting Pot. Mmm.