January 7th, 2010

Carousel chums

6/365 Her cupboard was bare. /// 7/365 A fine vintage.

6/365 Her cupboard was bare.

I hadn't been grocery shopping in nearly a month, except for a few things like milk, oj, eggs, and english muffins. I was out of EVERYTHING, even cans of veggies and the like. I went to Target, Trader Joe's, and Harris Teeter. The time it took from when I left my house to when all the groceries were put away was four hours! And we won't mention the total price.

I cooked delicious sea bass and veggies with blood orange for dinner that night.

(Also, the sodas in the shot belong to Jeanne... if I was going to stock my house with soda, it would be Coca-Cola Classic. Or Euro Fanta.)


7/365 A fine vintage.

I made garlic and scallion shrimp with broccoli and pasta tonight for me, James, and Rob. Rob brought over this wine. Jake knows he's not allowed on the part of the table where we're eating, but the part that's still covered with a tablecloth and junk is ok... so he cuddles as close to the edge of that as possible, so as to be closest to the food.


Missing days can be seen at my Project365 photoset on flickr.