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you got that something, i think you'd understand

Did everyone see Across the Universe? It was cheesy, but I loved it. What I especially loved about it was that it illuminated a lot of songs for me, and it refreshed some worn-out songs. I never thought I'd find myself playing 'With a Little Help From My Friends' on purpose, it's so hokey and I've heard it so often it grates on my nerves, now it has meaning and weight again. I guess it's not 'again', it's for the first time really, as the first time I heard it I was too young to feel it. A soulful 'I Want to Hold Your Hand' counters the usually annoying-poppiness of that song, and with lesbians!

Other standouts are: It Won't Be Long, Because, Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite (with Eddie Izzard!), Come Together, I am the Walrus, and Happiness is a Warm Gun. I think Because is my favorite.
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