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contra dance

James and I are going to this event on Friday. I think you should come, alone or with a date, it doesn't matter, and invite your other friends too. Chrystal, I don't know how active your mom is, but she could come and watch, it will be so fun/ny. Also, neither Talev is a dancer, and one is comically awful. I just heard there's lots of laughing, and that's what I like best. I figure if there's a group of us who know each other and are learning at the same time, we will have the funniest time.

This means you Charlotteans.

On another note, this video perfectly embodies my favorite kind of dance. I am absolutely serious. Stuff like this makes me sad I grew up 100% white american, green eggs/potatoes/beer on St. Patrick's day being my only cultural tradition.

Bonus: this is like a oh no they didn't thread, but for horses.
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