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Hey, folks.

Don't you get tired of composing your thoughts, or experiencing events with an eye to blogging them? I do. And on the other hand, I really wish I could keep a handwritten journal, but I can't do that for more than a week. I have some ideas to implement on that front though, such as only having 2 purses in rotation.

You guys! I have so many ideas and plans and wonders and upcoming THINGS in my life. Let me list some THINGS in no order
-moving to a farm
-starting a damn farm
-riding horses in spain with kristy
-growing herbs
-bahamas with cousins caitlin and sarah and their friends who I've known for years
-backpacking trip with cousin sarah
-making everything
-graduating college
-earth science and biology as knowable magic
-I have a freaking horse
-doing things with James
-cleaning and reorganizing my life
-trying to be more fair
-and responsible
-friends as family
-traveling to see music worth seeing (genesis in france, tmbg in st.louis, ani on sunday in asheville :D)

I wish I was done with school already. It seems more in my way now, when I have 6 months and 3 days left, than it ever has before.

But really, when did everything get so awesome?
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