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Poll #1083977 We all make mistakes.

1) Does eating spinach make your teeth feel dry or otherwise weird?

2) How do you pronounce 'crayons'?

3) What did you give out on Halloween, or what would you have given?

4) A pickup truck... If you were to call it by one word, would you just say 'truck' or would you just say 'pickup'?

5) Do you own anything that has a frog on it (not counting an illustration in a book, unless it's the cover)?

6) James thinks yogurt is guaranteed to make your nails and hair nice. I think that glue and spit have very similar properties. Both of these are true, to an extent. What are your folk beliefs? Do you knock on wood, do you prefer to pet animals with your left hand, do you sniff a certain scent while studying? I want to know something you hold dear, even though you know it's not all that true, real, or useful.


1) YES. UGH. but i love spinach :(

2) cray-onz. 2 syllables. Most of my family says kranz. Kranz is my friend's last name (it's German) and he also says kranz for crayons.

3) assorted Warheads!

4) A pickup. People here say truck though. To me, the sole word truck denotes a tractor trailer/mac truck/big rig/whatever.

5) Only one thing, which I bought because they didn't have any plain ones. I don't hate frogs, I'm just not into frog imagery. I have something with almost any other animal on it, including a dumbo octopus. I'm about 5 years old.

6) I try to use spit as glue all the damn time. Also, I NEED to let cuts air out, even if they're still at a point where they should be covered by a bandaid to prevent infection. I put a bandaid on for a day, and then I hear my grandma telling me that cuts need air to heal.
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