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This is the last post of this.

1) Does eating spinach make your teeth feel dry or otherwise weird?
[info]eutheria -- ...
[info]banshee -- yes!
[info]doraphilia -- yes
[info]mip -- no
[info]marciamarcia -- yes, squeaky--sort of
[info]burn_in_heaven_ -- i've never eaten spinach.
[info]thespunmonkey -- weird, yes. but i SO love it, anyway
[info]sandwhichestime -- raw spinach does
[info]jeney -- i can't remember
[info]onlyifyousnoop -- Nope.
[info]msanborn -- I don't think so
[info]dryad271 -- Squeaky!
[info]introducingyael -- yes
[info]girlreinvented -- No. (And, not that it's relevant, but I LOVE spinach, though I only eat it steamed, as I've read it's not good for thyroids raw (and I already have bad thyroids).
[info]tikifreak -- YES!
[info]literfairy -- No, not that I've noticed, but I will pay attention next time.
[info]joannarain -- yes, but it doesn't stop me!
[info]beagle1 -- no
[info]oreofuchi -- no
[info]golfshirt6 -- No
[info]_recoil -- Gritty
[info]alwaysregal -- I don't eat it enough to know.

2) How do you pronounce 'crayons'?
[info]eutheria -- ...
[info]banshee -- cray-ons
[info]doraphilia -- CRAY ons.
[info]mip -- creigh ons.
[info]marciamarcia -- CRAY-ens
[info]burn_in_heaven_ -- cray- ONs
[info]thespunmonkey -- cray-ONS
[info]sandwhichestime -- cray-ons
[info]jeney -- cra - ons
[info]onlyifyousnoop -- Creigh-ons
[info]msanborn -- CRAY - ONS
[info]dryad271 -- Correctly! CRAY ONS. Don't tell me you say it like Dooce!
[info]introducingyael -- cray-yons
[info]girlreinvented -- CRAYons
[info]tikifreak -- Cray-yawns
[info]literfairy -- crans (with the a drawn out a little)
[info]joannarain -- cray (like spray) ons (like the opposite of offs)
[info]beagle1 -- cray-ons
[info]oreofuchi -- CRAY ons
[info]golfshirt6 -- Cray (like pray) Ons (the opposite of offs)
[info]_recoil -- cray ons
[info]alwaysregal -- cray-ons.

3) What did you give out on Halloween, or what would you have given?
[info]eutheria -- ...
[info]banshee -- Everything! Four kinds of chocolate bars, Twizzlers, lollipops...
[info]doraphilia -- sound advice
[info]mip -- blow jobs
[info]marciamarcia -- If any of the little fuckers had actually shown up, they would have found a bounty of Take 5s, Butterfingers, Peanut Butter M & Ms, and Heath bars. But no. We had to eat all that ourselves.
[info]burn_in_heaven_ -- little chocolate nugget bars
[info]thespunmonkey -- we live on a freaky country highway, so no trick-or-treaters, but i guess i would probably give out lollipops. i love lollipops.
[info]sandwhichestime -- no one will come to my house even if I blanket the yard in candy and have every light on. boo.
[info]jeney -- fun size candy bars - i'm not lame!
[info]onlyifyousnoop -- Assorted kitkats, peanut butter cups, skittles, and starburst. However, there were no trick-or-treaters.
[info]msanborn -- Lots of mini candy bars
[info]dryad271 -- candy!
[info]introducingyael -- nuthin
[info]girlreinvented -- Nothing and nothing. (I'm such an ogre.)
[info]tikifreak -- The Good Stuff -- M&Ms, Rolos, Twizzlers, Take 5, Reese's, Twix
[info]literfairy -- anything with dark chocolate
[info]joannarain -- to my students, i gave out halloween pretzels, vampire teeth, witch fingers and a halloween word search warm up completed as a race to "eye of the tiger." they all wore their vampire teeth while they raced. no kids came to us at night :-(
[info]beagle1 -- sweet tarts, dum dum suckers, air heads, scooby doo suckers
[info]oreofuchi -- nothing
[info]golfshirt6 -- Reese's peanute butter cups, Kit cats and snickers, reeses crunch - let the kids pick what they want.
[info]_recoil -- n/a for devils.
[info]alwaysregal -- Haven't in years - I live in a restricted access building and had class that night. In years past I've always been at the barn.

4) A pickup truck... If you were to call it by one word, would you just say 'truck' or would you just say 'pickup'?
[info]eutheria -- ...
[info]banshee -- pickup
[info]doraphilia -- truck
[info]mip -- truck
[info]marciamarcia -- In my childhood, I'd have said "pickup". Now I'd say "truck".
[info]burn_in_heaven_ -- pickup
[info]thespunmonkey -- i say truck, although that may change, as my toddler has been correcting me on my vehicle terminology lately.
[info]sandwhichestime -- truck
[info]jeney -- truck
[info]onlyifyousnoop -- truck
[info]msanborn -- Truck
[info]dryad271 -- Truck, usually.
[info]introducingyael -- pickup
[info]girlreinvented -- Truck.
[info]tikifreak -- truck
[info]literfairy -- truck
[info]joannarain -- truck
[info]beagle1 -- truck
[info]oreofuchi -- i can barely remember what a pickup truck is and how it differs from a truck. so truck.
[info]golfshirt6 -- Truck
[info]_recoil -- truck
[info]alwaysregal -- truck. that's what we call it at the farm.

5) Do you own anything that has a frog on it (not counting an illustration in a book, unless it's the cover)?
[info]eutheria -- ...
[info]banshee -- not personally; I'm sure O does
[info]doraphilia -- I want one of those frog-shaped humidifiers from target.
[info]mip -- yes
[info]marciamarcia -- No
[info]burn_in_heaven_ -- no.
[info]thespunmonkey -- no. there are lots of dinosaurs in this house.
[info]sandwhichestime -- I probably have one of those frogs holding a marble necklaces that every one had in high school somewhere.
[info]jeney -- no
[info]onlyifyousnoop -- hmmm. i don't think so.
[info]msanborn -- My body!
[info]dryad271 -- Yes.
[info]introducingyael -- Yes. I have a little green glass frog
[info]girlreinvented -- No.
[info]tikifreak -- No ma'am
[info]literfairy -- YES
[info]joannarain -- wow, no.
[info]beagle1 -- yes - i have a frog made out of coper tubes and colored stones, i also have a frog paper weight
[info]oreofuchi -- no
[info]golfshirt6 -- Not at all.
[info]_recoil -- no
[info]alwaysregal -- I don't think so.

6) James thinks yogurt is guaranteed to make your nails and hair nice. I think that glue and spit have very similar properties. Both of these are true, to an extent. What are your folk beliefs? Do you knock on wood, do you prefer to pet animals with your left hand, do you sniff a certain scent while studying? I want to know something you hold dear, even though you know it's not all that true, real, or useful.
[info]eutheria -- ...
[info]banshee -- I knock wood, say 'rabbit rabbit rabbit' on the 1st of the month...
[info]doraphilia -- blessing the car when I run a yellow light (kissing my hand and tapping the ceiling)
[info]mip -- if you relish in anything, it will be taken away.
[info]marciamarcia -- I touch the roof of my car when going through yellow lights. Sometimes, I also say "zoom".
[info]burn_in_heaven_ -- wishing at 11:11?
[info]thespunmonkey -- spit is very useful. yogurt IS a superfood. my son and i must start our day with a 'good morning sun dance' (sun salutation) or all hell breaks loose.
[info]sandwhichestime -- I take a deep breath and blow it out my mouth veeeeeery slowly when I'm stressed. that's about it.
[info]jeney -- n/a
[info]onlyifyousnoop -- Hmmmm... I put saliva (my own) on cuts (my own). I think it has antibacterial qualities.
[info]msanborn -- I still believen in love; does that count?
[info]dryad271 -- I knock on wood sometimes. And I hex cars for safety on long or grueling commutes.
[info]introducingyael -- I have a ton of Jewish ones, like I say "kinehura" whenever I talk about Moo and Chas V'Shalom whenever I hear anything remotely bad, even if it's dumb. Like Hubby - "What if professor chaos really did flood the world?" Me "Chas VShalom!"
[info]girlreinvented -- I believe only in raw milk, fish oil and unflavored gelatin. Knocking on wood has gotten me nowhere. Petting animals has gotten me nowhere. I do like to burn essential oils, but they've gotten me nowhere, either.
[info]tikifreak -- I wash my hair with warm water and rinse it with cold water.
[info]literfairy -- I like to count out my steps in sets of 4 or 8 (thanks to 10 years of dance)
[info]joannarain -- if i have to go back inside after leaving a place (like if i forget something and have to go back in for it), i usually pay a visit, which means sitting down in a chair, and if i am at my parents' house, saying something resembling a conversation.
[info]beagle1 -- who ever opens the pocket knife has to be the one to close it or it is bad luck
[info]oreofuchi -- astrology
[info]golfshirt6 -- I always leave a bite of food on my plate for the holy ghost. It's not religious, its just superstisous.
[info]_recoil -- i fart in your cereal when you're not looking.
[info]alwaysregal -- I had yogurt :-P left shoe on first, left foot steps in first. and I wish on 11:11s and railroad tracks and kiss my hand/hold it to the ceiling when I haul ass through a yellow light

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