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perhaps a real update.

I am mostly too busy these days to have real posts, I'd rather spend my lj time reading and responding to you guys! However I need a break from cleaning, so I thought I'd let you know what I've been up to.

Last week was exam week. I had exams in all my classes this semester! I got 4 Bs and a C. The C was an A brought down by absences! Oops. Soon I will be done, and then never absent again!

Thursday I took my last exam, and then Jeanne and I took Fiyero to the vet to get his hocks injected (basically to lubricate his joints). He was good during it, though he tried to push through the sedation, and he freaked when I stepped away from him. Aw. I finished up some Christmas shopping that night too. A productive day!

Friday, James and I got up early and headed for Orlando for his sister's graduation. We missed our first flight, but the second one got us there just in time to pick up James' mom and stepdad and go to graduation. Being winter, the whole thing wasn't too long, and the speaker was funny. We met up with Caroline fairly easily after, and then the 5 of us went to dinner at the wine bar where she's a manager. The food was good, as was the wine. We spent the rest of the night at Caroline's house hanging out with her and her roomates, and Trevor! Unfortunately I was wiped from my crazy week, and I passed out before Doug got there. What a turd I am!

Saturday morning I felt like crap, but figured it was just a hangover. I taught Caroline how to use her new macbook, and she was a great student! Then Doug called, so James and I packed up and met him at Chipotle. I hadn't seen him in 7 or 8 years!! We talked for an hour or so, and then James and I had to head to St. Augustine for Dani and Dave's wedding. I was SEVERELY, dehabilitatingly, carsick the whole drive. I thought I might be having a stroke, I was so dizzy and sick and my vision was all screwed up. The worst part was that I never threw up, no matter how many times I gagged in a bag. This wasn't the first time I've felt sick in a car, but it was the first time I'd ever say that I actually was carsick. We got there at 3h30, and had ~25 minutes to shower and dress, as the invitation said 4. Of course, that meant 4h30, and we were early at 4. Dan and Joanna drove us over there. Lisa was the officiant. I was the sick person, still. I was fine during the ceremony and food, but when the music started I realized I felt too shitty to stay in there. I got the keys from Dan and slept/tossed and turned in the car until the last song. I guess it wasn't carsickness or a hangover! I felt a lot better after that, and was able to hang out with everyone at the bar, Umpa and Vicki joined us there. There was PhotoHunt and pinball and Tetris and a couple other things. I drank a yummy Shirley Temple, and was amused by everyone's drunkeness. We closed the bar, Vicki and Umpa went to their hotel, and Shooks and a Foolipek came to hang out in our room.

The next morning at 7, James and I drove to JAX to fly home. I was able to sleep in the car intead of heave into a bag!! We got first class, they didn't even take our upgrade (we pay $20 for first, but sometimes they forget to take the voucher), and we slept the whole ride. We came home, napped on and off, and then James started a trip.

Yesterday I had a lesson in the morning. Suffice it to say that Fiyero is feeling a lot better after his vet visit. I got a couple things done, and accidently went to sleep at 6h30 pm. I'd been living on borrowed time too long!!! I woke up this morning at 9h30. My goodness! I cleaned a little, picked up Mia, and took her and Wilbur to Jeanne's to play with all her dogs. We put them in the dog field with the others, and went to Waxhaw, where Jeanne has another riding student. Her horse was very similar to Fiyero, so it was fun to watch her. I think my face got sunburned a little though! It was so sunny that I was in a tank top, even though it was fortysomething. On the way home we went to a tack shop. I played with the horses (they like tug of war) while Jeanne stripped stalls. P.U. WTF does that stand for?? Anyway. I took Mia back to the Cavanaghs, and I stole their leftovers... mmm. I've spent the rest of the night Cleaning. With a capital see.

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