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Well, this weekend was eventful. First, I put a deposit on some angora rabbits! I drove to Avillion Farm on Saturday and met a lot of rabbits. I had originally planned to get a breeding trio of French Angoras (a buck and two unrelated does), but she had a German angora that I really liked as well, so I decided to remain open-minded until I got there.

Elaine was really nice and her rabbits were all healthy and happy. She had a lot of other animals around too, as you can see on the site. I met some siamese cats who reminded me a lot of Jake, strangely. The first rabbit I met was the German, and she was awesome. Then I handled a lot more rabbits and picked an unrelated buck and doe I liked. I didn't find another of her does that handled the way I wanted it to and was sufficiently unrelated, so I didn't get the trio I went for. Well, in fact I didn't get any rabbits! I put a deposit on three: a lilac German doe, a REW (red-eyed white) French doe, and a broken black French buck. They are still on her for sale page. They are the last one on the page, the fifth one (8EK30), and the middle rabbit in the fifth picture from the bottom (the only ad with 3 rabbits).

The numbers/letters next to the word Avillion (farm name) on each ad--like my REW doe's 8EK30--are their ear tattoo numbers. EK are the breeder's initials, and the numbers are her personal code for some facts about the rabbit. 8 means it was born in 2008, for example. The 3 means it was the third litter of 2008, probably, and the 0 my doe's personal number in that litter. Pretty cool.

I'm going to pick the rabbits up October 24th at the Southeastern Fiber Fair. I couldn't take them home with me this weekend because in a couble days, I'm going back to Spain to ride horses with Kristy again. This time the owner of the company is giving us a special deal, so that it's less than $100/day. That includes 3 huge meals for 7 days, 6-8 hours of riding 6 days, and 6 nights in beautiful inns, plus some tours of things. Awesome deal. It's just a little stressful because we are having so much work done to the farm house, and we have so much packing to do in the old house!!

James and I are having a Halloween party on November 1st, at our new house (which is still in Charlotte, NC), and you should all be there.
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