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"that is one hot piece of man... if barack obama needs more experience, i could give it to him."

Love betty white.

Tonight, James and I go to London. We'll hang out there all day tomorrow, go out somewhere that night, and then back to the airport on Sunday. James flies back to the US to go to work (yes, he is wonderful and coming to Europe with me for less than 24 hours. what a pilot), and I fly to meet Kristy in Barcelona at a giant black horse statue in the airport. Then Rudi and the rest of the people riding with us will meet us there, and we will be off for adventures in Catalunya. It's this trip. Since Kristy and I already went on a trip with them once this year, and it's the off season, we are getting a special deal. 500 euro each, with 3 amazing meals each day, and crazy beautiful accommodations each night, plus 6-8 hours in the saddle a day. How did Kristy ever convince me to do this again?

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