snow white (eutheria) wrote,
snow white

update from the edge

Thanks to a lot of help from captainmajority, tikifreak, and Jeanne, we are all moved in to the new house. Except the cats and WIlbur who will probably join us today. We have clean chimneys, heat, and hot water. We don't have internet yet, and my iphone is lost in the fray, so I had to come to Panera today to borrow some wifi. One of the barn kittens (Ace) is having hernia surgery right now :/. He will get neutered as well, while they're in there. Today I am going to groom 2/3 rabbits (the third was groomed just before I got her)! Wish us all luck, especially Ace.

a bad pic of the rabbits in my car just after i picked them up. i will get better ones, obviously. i even know where my camera is!

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