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don't worry friend, this darkness is just a suggestion

Internet and cable at the new house! Lots of unpacking done too...

Rabbit grooming went ok. Will go better with practice, my hand got so tired!

Ace is back at the vet after his surgeries. As soon as I got him home yesterday he started vomiting. I waited a couple hours, but he kept trying to eat and then throwing up again, so it didn't seem to be typical post-surgery wooziness. They kept him last night and said they'd call me today after he ate, but he hasn't yet. They don't close until 7 though, so there's still a chance. I feel so bad for him, he purrs and begs to be pet through it all, even though he's all lumpy and stitched up and wearing a huge e-collar and pukey. Four pounds of solid love.

People start arriving from out of town tomorrow for our Halloween party on Saturday at 9. Everyone is invited, so hit me up if you're near Charlotte and you'd like directions. gmail=melena.

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