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flickr updates

I posted 4 photosets on my flickr since I last posted photos.

spain II
In the beginning of October, Kristy and I went on another horseback riding trip in Catalonia, Spain. This trip was not previously offered to Americans, and it was grueling! 6-8 hours of riding (and not just horse-sitting, active riding) a day, with an hour of hiking each day as well. It was totally fun, the food was fantastic, and I swam in sub-60 degree water. Wooooo. This time, all of the riders in our group were very capable and that really made a huge difference. Last time, it was slow going, and no "horse control!!" as our leader was constantly having to yell.

If you liked those, there are almost 400 more in that photoset.

Also in that set is the day James, Rob, and I spent in London before my trip!

The other three sets will have to wait, I have to go get ready. Tonight is the French club holiday party at the Melting Pot. Mmm.
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