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18/365 ferret lax

I cut all the ferrets' nails today, so they got a treat. They don't like any human food, or really any ferret treats. The thing they love is Ferret Lax. It's a win-win because they think they're getting a treat, and I am unclogging hairballs from their guts. Clockwise from crook of elbow: Mom, The Dude, Maude. Kitty in the background is Lulu, one of the barn cats.

I'm wearing a hospital bracelet because I had a colonoscopy today. I have a family history of colon cancer (my mother was diagnosed at 28) and a personal history of precancerous polyps. I had one removed today. For me, getting a colonoscopy every 2 years pretty much ensures that any polyps are removed while they are still in the precancerous stage. It's obviously not the most fun thing in the world, and most of my peers won't have to experience it for 30 more years, but I am grateful for this possibly life-saving procedure.
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