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trip planning

James and I are going away (shocking!) from 7/8-about 7/18. We are flying to Milan, renting a car, and driving to (and mostly staying in) Nice. We will also be going to Monte Carlo and Lyon. I've been to the last 3 cities, but briefly. Any suggestions about things we should see or do? Me, I just want to go to a bookstore and eat a salade niçoise every day. That's my favorite salad, and I am a salad lover. James likes to see old things.

We are seeing Genesis in Lyon! Then in September we will see them again, in Canada, with Nando. Maybe you don't know James or Nando, but if you did you'd know that this is HUGE for them. It's a reunion, so [Phil] Collins is playing with them. Overall [Peter] Gabriel Genesis is more my style of music, but Collins Genesis is more what you'd want to hear at a Genesis concert.
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