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a talev summer

Hellllooooooooooooooo. This guy watches over my tomatoes and scares away birds.

I bought a gallon of blackberries at a farmstand.


whoa now.

Today I made a parfait. Aside from this, the fanciest dessert I've ever made was brownies or cake from a box. I will tell you the layers.
Bottom: 3 dessert shells (like for strawberries and whipped cream)
2: vanilla pudding
3: homemade hazelnut flavored whipped cream
4: blackberries, blueberries, strawberries
5: whipped cream
6: 3 more dessert shells
7: pudding
8: whipped cream
Top: blackberries and bananas.
tikifreak got to eat some. :)

Melons! I am going to make a melon salad tomorrow.

Here are some of my tomato plants. They look sad because they are; they have whiteflies. I hope to fix that tomorrow or the next day.

A cherry tomato! I already picked the ripe ones today before I took pictures.

Another owl guy, this one is less functional than the scary realistic one.

These are pretty happy.

These are not sure about life. The two tall basils on top are GROSS. They taste like anise, which is disgusting. The tiny unpotted plant is a new, yummy basil I bought to replace the others. The happy plants on the middle shelf are lemon balm and mint. Surviving on the bottom is oregano and chive (on the far right)

James and I built this bed on Easter 2006, when Wilbur sliced his foot pad open and had to have stitches and a cone for weeks. I have 5 kinds of tomatoes down there.

I think as soon as I'm out of grape tomatoes, these guys will be ripe. I've been lucky like that this summer, I'm on my second cycle of everything ripening in perfect succession.

a baby!

We have a wussy crepe myrtle.

It only has measly blooms.

This entire underdeck area is little wild strawberries, but they're on a growing cycle. I wil try to remember to get a shot next time they're in berry.

Sorry the pictures are so big, but I think they look best this way.
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