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i guess i can't be pissy that no one is updating this morning if i don't do so myself.

First of all, WELCOME TO THE WORLD LILI! I had the immense privilege of watching ana give birth on cam last night, while k_id_mo_t_a helped her out however he could. Right now he's holding her by a window full of sunshine while ana's mom looks on :)

On Saturday we had a party, which was very successful. Everyone ate and drank well, and that's what's most important! On Sunday we took Carolyn and Vince to eat bagels, and meet Fiyero. Then we went to the Carolina Raptor Center at Latta Plantation and peered at birds of prey. Owls are so cute, I can't handle it. I want to hug them so badly, even with all the talons. Then we saw the Simpsons, and they headed back to Charleston. I wasn't feeling very well--I've been sickly lately--and I went to bed at 8 pm! Ack.

Today we're giving Wilbur to Chrystal so she's not too lonely, and we're going to Maine!! I've never been to Maine, but I always wanted to go there. I thought for a while of going to Bowdoin college, probably because it was as far away as possible while still being on the East Coast. Anyways, James is taking me to see Stephen King's house (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and to a Lobsterfest. What a nice husband.
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