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I spooked myself by watching way too much Lost. And my bedroom ceiling fan WON'T turn off. There are some electrical problems with the fans and their remotes, and they tend to behave strangely. I keep hitting the off button and the fan slows down for a second then powers back on to high, defiantly.

today I listened to 'Kiss from a Rose' by Seal and liked it, for the first tme ever. I've heard that song at least 100 times; it's on in stores and on the radio frequently.

Poll #1001679 Filter

I'm making filters for reading and so forth right now. Do you want to be on a riding filter? Entries with pictures of anything will always be available for anyone who I have friended. This filter would be for more day-to-day riding stuff, such as what we're working on at the moment.

Yes, put me on the riding filter.
No, thank you.
Put me on it, and if I'm not interested, I'll let you know.

full body pictures of fiyero, since a couple people asked :)

shiny :)


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